Curious to learn about the stories behind the famous Golden Age? Wondering about the stay of Tsar Peter the Great or that of the famous painter Claude Monet in Zaandam? Then please come and wander through the Zaanstreek and marvel at all the Zaantreek has to offer.

Wander & Marvel

The must sees locals recommend

Inntel hotel

Images of this stack of Zaan cottages are shared across the world by tourists and architecture enthusiasts.

Czar Peter House

The wooden cottage Czar Peter the Great once used to stay to learn more about shipbuilding. 


Visit our atelier and see Zaandam through the eyes of the world famous French painter Claude Monet.

Our windmills

The creaking, toiling wood and all moving parts in the belly of a windmill make up an imposing spectacle.


Take this ferry to discover the industrial heritage along the banks of river Zaan.

Zaanse Schans - more than windmills