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Bog and industry, village and town, new and old architecture. The Zaanstreek has a lot to discover and enough water and green to do so actively.

From a diversion along industrial heritage to a brisk walk: you will see more of the region on foot.

Old Zaandijk walk

Plenty to see and experience with opportunities for stops with some goodies, fun shops and sights. An excellent way to let Zaandijk come to life during a nice walk!

You can buy the booklet in the Zaanstore or via the button below. Have fun walking!

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10 walking routes in the Zaan region. - the most beautiful routes according to regional experts.

City walk Zaandam

Do you know where those whales on lanterns come from? Or where you can find Verkade biscuits in a facade? Put on your daring (walking) shoes and experience your region differently!

There is a city walk for sale in the Zaanstore that really brings Zaandam to life.

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Wandering around the Hembrug site

Wander the mysterious Hembrug site and discover the history of the former arms and munitions factory.

Artist Jan Rothuizen drew a map of the Hembrug site and Hembrug Museum for the Zaans Museum.

The map also includes an audio tour with stories from former employees. You can order it online from the Zaans Museum or buy it at some Zaans locations.

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