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Experience the quirkiness of the Zaan region with all your senses? Visit the Zaan city centre!

Zaandam's city centre received a high-profile metamorphosis in the early 21st century. Images of the new town hall, the stacked cottages hotel and the shopping canal, inspired by traditional Zaans timber construction, go all over the world.

You can shop here with a touch of cultural history. In the chains and boutiques along Gedempte Gracht or at the unique shops along Westzijde.

For even more history, do the Zaandam City Walk, visit the Czaar Peter House or see the centre through the eyes of French impressionist Monet.

For a successful day out in the city centre, here are some tips from locals and other suggestions. Have fun!

Tips from locals - The best places and initiatives to discover!

To city centre - accessibility and parking

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