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Welcome to the Zaan region, good to see you! Are you on your way to the Zaanse Schans? Then read the message below to walk towards the Zaanse Schans in the safest and most enjoyable way possible.

Safe trip to the Zaanse Schans

Zaanse Schans is a public area where people live and work, but where you also imagine yourself in a Zaans village from 1850.

That combination means it can be busy at Zaanse Schans at times. Are you on your way there? Then keep an eye out for each other.

From Zaandijk Station - Zaanse Schans you will find the walking route clearly marked with signs and icons on the pavement. Stay on the pavement and be considerate of cyclists, on the route and on Zaanse Schans itself.

If you follow the accompanying signs and icons on the pavement, you will get there automatically. Together, we can keep Zaanse Schans safe and enjoyable for everyone.

Please observe the following rules of conduct along the way;

  • Walk on the pavement
  • Look carefully when crossing the road
  • Mind the cyclists
  • This applies both on the walking route and on the Zaanse Schans itself.
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